Meteorological parameters and present weather were measured for the duration of the RACLETS campaign at the Weissfluhjoch at an elevation of 2700 m above sea level (a.s.l.), and in Davos Wolfgang and Kloster, two villages which are in the valley at 1600 m a.s.l. and 1170 m a.s.l., respectively. The mountain ridge Gotschna separates Davos Wolfgang in the South from Klosters in the North. The deployed instruments were owned by ETH Zurich, Meteoswiss and TROPOS.

Ambient temperature (°C), humidity (%), atmospheric pressure (hPa), solar radiation (W mˉ¹) and wind direction (°) and speed (m sˉ¹) were recorded at standard weather stations from Meteoswiss at Weissfluhjoch and Davos Wolfgang, and from TROPOS at Davos Wolfgang. Additionally, a present weather detector (PWD22, Vaisala) was installed at Klosters to measure the weather type, ambient ligth as well as intensity and amount of both liquid and solid precipitation (mm).

Radiosondes were started in Davos Wolfgang to report height profiles of pressure, relative humidity and temperature. Further profiles of meteorological measures were recorded at HoloGondel, which was installed at the gondola moving between Gotschnaboden and Gotschnagrat at 2285 m a.s.l.

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Image 1: Surrounding area of the measurement site Weissfluhjoch. © Claudia Mignani

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