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  • Weather Station Davos Wolfgang

    The dataset contains weather parameters measured at Davos Wolfgang.
  • Weather Station Klosters

    A weather station (Lufft WS600) measured meteorological parameters at Klosters. Detailed information on the specifications can be found here.
  • Radiosondes

    Radiosondes (Windsond, Sparv Embedded AB) were started in Davos Wolfgang to report height profiles of pressure, relative humidity and temperature at specific days. In addition...
  • Present Weather Sensor Klosters

    A present weather sensor (Vaisala PWD22) was deployed in Klosters for weather observation, combining the functions of a forwardscatter visibility meter and a present weather...
  • Ceilometer Klosters

    Cloud base height (m) and vertical visibility (m) are measured with the VAISALA Ceilometer CL31, an instrument with constant reliability for all weather conditions and...
  • Snow Drift Station - 3D Ultrasonic

    A Young 81000 sonic anemomenter was deployed to record three components of the wind velocity (u, v, w in [m s‾ ¹]) and air temperature (Ts in [°C]). The anemomenter...