Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences (CRYOS)

CRYOS is the EPFL laboratory of the WSL/SLF - EPFL joint appointment for Prof. Michael Lehning. At his WSL side, Prof. Michael Lehning is head of the research unit "Snow and Permafrost" at SLF in Davos.

General Mission

The laboratory of cryospheric sciences investigates the processes that shape snow and ice in mountains and polar regions. In particular, snow cover processes, snow-atmosphere interactions and mountain hydrology are in the focus of current research. This includes a strive for deeper understanding of the complicated mass and energy exchange processes within, above and below a snow cover but also predictions of future snow and ice in mountains and high latitudes. A newer work area is the risk management and optimization in the field of renewable energy production based on our detailed understanding of water, wind and radiation processes in mountains.

More information:

Data Manager: Michael Lehning