Teaser videos Swiss landscapes under climate change

Short videos showing scenarios of potential landscape development in a 4°C warmer climate for a Swiss mountain region and a region on the Swiss Plateau. The videos are in German or French with subtitles. The videos' key message is: Climate change will have an impact on the Swiss landscapes. However, according to the strategy chosen to adapt to climate change, society and politics will also have a strong influence on the future landscapes and the services they will provide. If no action is taken to adapt to climate change today, then society will have to react in a hurry at a later point in time. This can often result in resource-intensive technical solutions. Conversely, if society takes action in an anticipatory way already today, nature-based solutions can be implemented more successfully and humans can benefit more from the landscape services.. These short videos are teasers that should make the viewers curious to visit the panorama pictures (https://viergrad.envidat.ch/).

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  • Federal Office for the Environment FOEN (link)

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Bütikofer, Luca; Adde, Antoine; Urbach, Davnah; Tobias, Silvia; Huss, Matthias; Guisan, Antoine; Randin, Christophe (2023). High resolution land use forecasts for Switzerland in the 21st century. EnviDat. doi: 10.16904/envidat.458.

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Christen, Jonas; Tobias, Silvia (2023). Teaser videos Swiss landscapes under climate change. EnviDat. doi:10.16904/envidat.451.

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