Literature data of sound speed in snow

This dataset contains literature data for snow density and frequency dependency of speed of sound waves in snow. The data were either available as tabular data in the original publications or were digitized from plots contained in the original publications. The data were originally collected and used for first figure in Capelli et al. (2016) .

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  • SNF (Grant/Award: 200021-146647)

Related Publications *Capelli, A., Kapil, J.C., Reiweger, I., Or, D., and Schweizer, J. (2016). Speed and attenuation of acoustic waves in snow: laboratory experiments and modelling with Biot’s theory. Cold Regions Science and Technology 125, 1-11.


Capelli, Achille (2021). Literature data of sound speed in snow. EnviDat. doi:10.16904/envidat.204.

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