LIDAR Davos Wolfgang

A portable Raman lidar system (Polly) from Leibnitz Institute for Tropospheric Research (Tropos) was deployed at Davos Wolfgang (LON: 9.853594, LAT: 46.835577). Please use this link, to be directly forwarded to the Davos location and select the date of interest from the calendar (bold numbers). The data can be requested directly at the Polly team.

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Seifert, Patric (2019). LIDAR Davos Wolfgang. EnviDat.

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  • Email: seifertfoo(at) Given Name: Patric Family Name: Seifert Affiliation: TROPOS DataCRediT: Collection
Contact Person Given Name: Patric Family Name: Seifert Email: seifertfoo(at) Affiliation: TROPOS
Publication Publisher: EnviDat Year: 2019
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Geographic location 46°50′08.076″N 9°51′12.939″E
parent RACLETS Field Campaign