Forest Production Systems (Forest Production Systems)

The Research Subunit Forest Production Systems is conducting application-oriented research and implementation to create direct benefits for the forest management, forest politics and to the general societal advantage. Its insights serve the efficient, effective and sustainable management of the forest and its resources. Encouraging innovation while having an orientation towards systems and technology, it contributes to the power to compete of the Swiss forest industry as well as the location of Switzerland for business in general.

Thematically, the research unit focuses on efficient and ecological use of wood as a natural resource. Research is done on integrated production systems: production and harvest of timber, marketing activities and delivery unto the customer as well as the belonging information management. To reach this goal, already existing knowledge is combined with new results developed in-house, models are implemented and then synthesized into IT-based tools, which are finally brought into application in the industry or the research community. In particular, they help to improve the quality of answers to complex questions as well as the realization of research results.

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