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  • aerosols-raclets


    During the RACLETS campaign aerosol properties were measured in Davos Wolfang...

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  • wbs-amphibian-breeding-sites-module

    Amphibian breeding sites module (WBS)

    Amphibians are one of the most threatened groups of animals in Switzerland....

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  • clouds-in-situ-raclets

    Clouds in-situ

    During the RACLETS campaign, in-situ measurements of clouds were conducted...

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  • gcw

    Global Cryosphere Watch

    The World Meteorological Organization's Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW) is an...

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  • meteorology


    Meteorological parameters and present weather were measured for the duration...

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  • miso


    Microscale Distribution of Impurities in SnOw and Glacier Ice (MiSo) The...

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  • modeling


    The regional numerical weather predicton model COSMO was used to simulate...

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  • wbs

    Monitoring the Effectiveness of Habitat Conservation in Switzerland (WBS)

    To protect its biodiversity and to prevent further habitat loss and the...

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  • precipitation


    Rain or snow reaching the ground as precipitation were measured at a high...

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  • raclets-field-campaign

    RACLETS Field Campaign

    Campaign Overview The RACLETS - Role of Aerosols and CLouds Enhanced by...

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  • remote-sensing-raclets

    Remote Sensing

    Remote sensing instruments providing information on aerosols, radiation, and...

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  • wbs-remote-sensing-module

    Remote-sensing module (WBS)

    Comparing aerial images, taken at different time periods, is a quick and...

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  • sccer-biosweet


    The SCCER BIOSWEET aims at providing solutions to problems arising from the...

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  • snow


    During the RACLETS campaign, snow measurements were conducted at the mountain...

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  • swissforestlab


    The SwissForestLab will be established as a worldwide unique research...

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  • wbs-vegetation-module

    Vegetation module (WBS)

    The sub-sample of all sites of national importance was selected using a...

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  • weissfluhjoch-research-site

    Weissfluhjoch Research Site

    The institute's former main building on the Weissfluhjoch remains at its...

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