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  • SPOT6 Avalanche outlines 24 January 2018

    Outlines of 18'737 avalanches mapped from SPOT6 satellite data over the Swiss Alps on 24 January 2018. The outlines have different attributes described in the data example key...
  • Automatic Classification of Avalanches

    This dataset contains the classification and localization results obtained during the automatic classification of avalanches during the winter season 2017.
  • Automated Avalanche Release Area (PRA) Delineation Davos

    This dataset contains the output and reference data published in the paper "Automated snow avalanche release area delineation - validation of existing algorithms and proposition...
  • Snow Depth Mapping

    The available datasets are snow depth maps with a spatial resolution of 2m generated from image matching of ADS 80/100 data. Image acquisition took place at peak of winter (time...
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