Three-dimensional debris flow simulation tool debrisInterMixing

Here the updated versions of debrisInterMixing are provided for download. The first OpenFoam-compatible Version 2.3.x are available as supplement to v. Boetticher, A., Turowski, J. M., McArdell,W. B., Rickenmann, D., Hürlimann, M., Scheidl, C., and Kirchner, J. W.: DebrisInterMixing-2.3: A Finite Volume solver for three dimensional debris flow simulations based on two calibration parameters. Part two: model validation with experiments. Geoscientific Model Development, 10, 11: 3963-3978. doi: 10.5194/gmd-10-3963-2017. DebrisInterMixing is a Volume-of-Fluid based Finite Volume code that accounts for shear-thinning sensitive shares of fine sediment suspension together with pressure-sensitive components of the gravel grains within debris flow mixtures. All model properties can be derived from a material sample except for a grid-sensitive calibration parameter. For more information, please contact

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von Boetticher, Albrecht (2019). Three-dimensional debris flow simulation tool debrisInterMixing. EnviDat. doi:10.16904/envidat.143.

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DOI 10.16904/envidat.143
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Contact Person Given Name: Albrecht  Family Name: von Boetticher  Email: albrecht.vonboetticherfoo(at)  Affiliation: WSL  ORCID: 0000-0003-1933-6236
Publication Publisher: EnviDat  Year: 2019
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