Mortality of regeneration: Acer spp. and Fagus sylvatica

One individual per species, vitality class (low and high) and height class (eight classes: 0–10, 11–20, 21–35, 36–60, 61–90, 91–130, 131–200 and 201–500 cm) was randomly selected and harvested in each of the six plots. This resulted in a sample of 82, 80 and 89 living individuals of A. platanoides, A. pseudoplatanus and F. sylvatica, respectively.

Additionally stems of dead Acer spp. and F. sylvatica trees that had died within the last three years (2015–2018) were randomly harvested, matching the height classes of the harvested living trees wherever possible. In total, 179 dead young trees (60 A. platanoides, 72 A. pseudoplatanus and 47 F. sylvatica) were collected.


  • species_code: a_pla - Acer platanoides, a_pse - Acer pseudoplatanus, f_syl - Fagus sylvatica
  • species: as above
  • dummy: 0 - living individual, 1 - dead individual
  • LAR_cm2_g: leaf area ratio or ratio of leaf area to total plant biomass, [cm2/g]
  • tree_age: in years
  • avg_ring_micron: average width of the last 5 rings in tree life excluding the last ring
  • dry_mass_g: aboveground and belowground biomass
  • DLI: direct light index (measured only under living individuals)
  • BLI: diffuse light index (measured only under living individuals)
  • GLI: global light index

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  • SERI

Related Publications

Petrovska R., Bugmann H., Hobi M.L., Ghosh S., Brang P. 2021. Survival time and mortality rate of regeneration in the deep shade of a primeval beech forest, European Journal of Forest Research, DOI: 10.1007/s10342-021-01427-3


Petrovska, Roksolana (2021). Mortality of regeneration: Acer spp. and Fagus sylvatica. EnviDat. doi:10.16904/envidat.258.

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