Global Cryosphere Watch data survey

Two surveys on the topic of data usage where conducted for the Global Cryosphere Watch data portal. The first one focused on the data provider point of view while the second one focused on the data user point of view. 37 data providers (ie institutions) worldwide provided their answers for the first survey (from fall 2017 until summer 2018) while 54 users (contacted through various mailing list such as the Cryolist) answered the questions on their third party data usage (fall 2019 until January 2020).

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Bavay, M., Fiddes, J., Godøy, Ø., "Automatic Data Standardization for the Global Cryosphere Watch Data Portal", Data Science Journal, accepted.


Bavay, Mathias; Fiddes, Joel (2020). Global Cryosphere Watch data survey. EnviDat. doi:10.16904/envidat.133.

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