Wind tunnel measurement data of drifting snow and turbulent wind fluctuations

The data correspond to the experiments presented and discussed in a paper regarding the interaction between turbulent wind fluctuations and snow saltation mass-fluxes (Paterna, 2016). Each of the nine data files corresponds to a different experiment presented in the paper and conducted in the winter 2014/2015 in the WSL/SLF cold wind tunnel in Davos. For each file the five columns indicate the time from the beginning of the experiment, the streamwise (uā€™) and the vertical (wā€™) wind velocity fluctuations, the streamwise (qx) and the vertical (qz) snow mass-flux components. From these time-series the scales of the snow saltation and of the turbulent flow are obtained with respect to the eddy-cycles and snow saltation cycles. From spectral analysis of the time-series a decoupling of the snow saltation from the turbulence forcing reveals two regimes of interaction: a turbulence-dependent regime occurring with weak saltation, and a turbulence-independent regime with strong saltation. Further details can be found at the link below.



Enrico Paterna; Philip Crivelli (2016). Wind tunnel measurement data of drifting snow and turbulent wind fluctuations. WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF. doi:10.16904/6.

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DOI 10.16904/6
  • Name: Enrico Paterna  Affiliation: SLF  Email: enrico.paternafoo(at)
  • Name: Philip Crivelli  Affiliation: SLF  Email: philip.crivellifoo(at)
Contact Person Name: Enrico Paterna  Email: enrico.paternafoo(at)  Affiliation: SLF
Publication Publisher: WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF  Year: 2016
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